Memorial Services & Funerals

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Rose, symbol of Orlando Funeral MusicMusic is the ultimate expression of sorrow, joy, love, and happiness.  Celebrate the life and love of your Loved One with music.

Music Remembrance is pleased to arrange ensembles according to your family’s requests.  Special song requests are welcome, as well. Our Orlando funeral music serves all of Florida.

Some families choose hymns or other musical selections performed by the brass quartet to add a special touch to their Love One’s ceremony.  For the military tribute, you may choose Taps or Echo Taps, performed with dignity by one or more trumpeters.

Another well-received option is to turn the most solemn event into a celebration of a Loved One’s life with a New Orleans Jazz Procession.

Music Remembrance has music styles to help you select the appropriate tribute.

.Click here for a list of music ensembles and bands Music Remembrance provides

Music Remembrance Funeral Music Ensembles

Classical Brass Quartet: A four-piece brass ensemble consisting of two trumpets and two trombones, the brass quartet will play a selection of requested hymns, popular music, contemporary Christian music, or an appropriate selection from the classical masters; Verdi, Mendelssohn, Bach, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Mozart, and many more available.

Taps: For over 100 years, Taps has been used by our Armed Services to call its men and women to rest for the night and to honor them at their final resting place. Played by a single trumpeter, the 24 notes of Taps stir deep emotions of patriotic honor and duty.

Echo Taps: Played by two or more trumpeters in three-note successions, the second trumpeter will echo across the field the notes played by the first trumpeter.  Echo Taps makes for a longer tribute, thereby allowing for longer personal contemplation and homage.

New Orleans Jazz Procession: A special type of funeral procession, very popular in New Orleans, has the quartet march in a very special manner; the quartet will lead the procession to the resting site with slow, somber music. Upon conclusion of the ceremony, the quartet will play and up-tempo, joyful style of music to celebrate the life of your Loved One.

Special Music and Ensembles: If you would like a special ensemble or a special type of music event, your requests will be accommodated.

Whatever style you choose, Music Remembrance will make your Loved One’s resting day an honorable and fitting tribute.

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