Jazz Bands

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Music Remembrance Jazz Bands add a “jazzy” touch to any Orlando or Florida wedding, wedding reception or event.  Orlando’s Music Remembrance customizes jazz bands for your event.    A variety of sizes and musical styles make Music Remembrance Jazz Bands tailored to fit your event and budget.  For every size band you can choose between having one style of jazz or a mix of jazz styles including dixieland, big band, bebop, cool jazz, modern jazz, standards. smooth jazz and pop jazz.

Jazz Soloist

Choose from solo piano, guitar, strolling saxophone or a number of other options. We are happy to fill even the most unusual requests like jazz violin, accordion or harp.

Jazz Duos


Guitar and bass duo

Choose from our most popular jazz duos:

Bass & Guitar
Piano & Guitar
Piano & Bass
Guitar Duo
Jazz Singer & Piano
Jazz Singer & Guitar
Saxophone & Piano
Saxophone & Guitar
Trombone & Guitar
Trombone & Piano
Custom Instrumentation: Ask about customizing a jazz duo just for you



Jazz Trios


Jazz trio

Jazz Trios in many combinations like our most popular:

Piano, Bass & Drums
Guitar, Bass & Drums
Vocalist, Piano & Bass
Trombone, Piano & Bass
Custom Instrumentation: ask about customizing a jazz trio just for you

Jazz Quartet

We have many Jazz Quartets to choose from including Quartets with vocalists or have Custom Instrumentation

Jazz Quintet

We have many Jazz Quintets to choose from including Quintets with vocalists or have Custom Instrumentation

Big Band

The Music Remembrance Big Band is full 15 piece or 20 piece big band with or without vocalists performing big band hits from the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Smooth Jazz and Pop Jazz Band

This amazing Orlando band performs a variety of songs from James Taylor and Steely Dan to Bob James and George Benson as well as classic rock and pop tunes from the 60’s through the late 80’s and smooth jazz from the 70’s to the present. Perfect light and fun music for any event.

Jazz and Blues Orchestra

Piano, bass, drums and horns accompany the dynamic jazz, blues and pop singing of a female or male vocalist.  This ensemble creates a sophisticated elegant atmosphere at any reception.  The Jazz and Blues Orchestra can expand from a small combo to a full big band upon request.

At LastAt Last

Summertime Summertime

Classical Ensembles

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